What is deposit protection (insurance) and how it works?

Insurance payments are: $277,300 (for 26 November, 2020)

All projects are working. The insurance form is closed.

Here’s a link to protected programs list: https://hyiphunter.org/proekty/protection/

What is deposit protection (insurance)?

In some programs, I can agree with the admins about receiving funds to protect against losses. In such programs, you will either get profit or insurance from me: everything is plain and simple.

In every program with protection, the insurance fund is more than $1000. I accept nothing less :)

If a loss occurs, you fill up the request, then I sum the losses and the funds are divided between all partners, partially covering your losses. The request form is below.

When is it paid?

Insurance is paid if funds were taken from the admin. If not, then there is nothing to pay from. Sometimes I can compensate from my funds if the loss is small, or if the admin generously adds a little after the scam.

How do I know if there is protection in this program?

There is a special mark in the program overview, as well as a shield icon in the projects list.

Insurance conditions

  • You must be my first line referral.
  • Filling up the request, you should accommodate all deposits from payment systems, even positive deposits or completed. Accommodate all withdrawals in the same way.
  • Do not keep money on the project’s balance, make a withdrawal more often!
  • If you have not made a withdrawal for a week and your money are on the scam project’s balance, the calculation of insurance will be for the sum that you could withdraw while the hyip was paying.
  • Requests are accepted within 48 hours of the insurance announcement. Payments are made within 24 hours after the completion of accepting requests. If the request contains false data, you’ll not receive insurance. Send one general request; you do not need to create a new request for each deposit.
  • About screenshots. You need to take a screenshot of the account, which shows how much you have invested and the deposit’s date. If the HYIP site is not available, you can take a screenshot of the deposit from the payment system.
  • A reduced percentage of coverage can be applied for significant losses (from $500), so that the overall percentage of insurance is not greatly reduced due to several large losses.
  • The maximum insurance per person in one program cannot exceed $500 or its equivalent in cryptocurrency (except if the insurance sum is sufficient).
  • Please do not enter your Telegram phone number in the “contact details” field. I cannot find you with it. Enter only your username.



1. Question: Where to upload a screenshot and how to link to a screenshot?
Answer: You can upload a screenshot to any image hosting, for example here. Then copy this link and paste it into the Insurance field.

2. Question: I invested from a certain payment system. There is no such system in the form of an insurance request, what should I do?
Answer: Select an available payment system from the insurance form.

3. Question: I made several deposits, which one should I enter?
Answer: Sum them up and enter the resulting number in the request.

4. Question: I have one positive deposit, but the second one is in the red, do I need to fill up a request?
Answer: If in the end you have a plus, you cannot order insurance. If you are in the red due to the second deposit, then make a request. For example, you have 2 deposits of $100 each. You have withdrawn $130 on the first deposit and only $30 on the second. In total, you invested $200, withdrew $160 and received a refback of $10. Your minus is $30 and you can request for insurance.

5. Question: How do I know that I have filled up the request correctly?
Answer: If the request is filled up incorrectly, I’ll write to you using the contacts in the request. If everything is okay, then you’ll just see the insurance on the wallet within 24 hours after the end of accepting requests.

6. Question: I didn’t have time to submit a request, can I get insurance?
Answer: The entire total amount of protection goes to insurance and is distributed among the referrals who have submitted the request. When the funds are spent, there is nothing to pay out of. So be in time!

7. Question: It is shown that the insurance fund for the program is over $1000. So, if I invest $1000, then they are 100% protected?
Answer: No. This is an insurance fund for all referrals, not just you.

8. Question: I don’t understand anything! Tell me how much will be covered if my loss is for example $200?
Answer: It is impossible to know in advance what percentage will be covered. This will become clear only after collecting all the requests. For example, if the insurance for the program is $1500, and the losses of all referrals are $2000. Accordingly, 75% of losses will be covered. If the loss is $1300, then it will be fully covered, even with a profit.

Form of insurance request

All projects are working. The insurance form is closed.

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If your request is not sent (the download icon keeps spinning or shows an error), email me the data.