Services (overview, website backgrounds, web banners)

This is a price list submitted for investment programs administrators, as well as for owners of the websites, which are not related to investment programs.

How to get your investment program posted on this blog?

At first you can offer me your program. Next, I will consider it *, provided that you are ready to allocate a insurance of about $300-500 (the amount is variable, so send me a message first).

I will inform about protection immediately when adding your program to the Telegram channel. There will be a mark on the blog review, as well as a shield icon on the hyips list. That way, partners will know that whenever they invest in your program, they will receive compensation if they lose. This will give partners the motivation to use the “Hit and Run” strategy less often and to invest more confidently. But if you do not want to publicly declare protection, you have the opportunity not to make it public or to do it later.

Here are the all my requirements. Additionally, you can make me an increased referral program for the first level, since this is my main income, and also I can attract more people due to the high refback.

In addition to the blog review, I can place your banner in a header for 2 weeks for free (if there is enough space for it). I also share information about the new program on Telegram and send it to subscribers. I publish all the investment program news on Telegram and in the comments under the review, which helps to keep people interested.

* I reserve the right to refuse to add a program if it exists for a long time or I do not like it for some reason (for example, long term, too high interest rates, not high-quality design, etc.).

Web banners, backgrounds and review consolidation

Do you want to have possibility to distinguish your program from others and become the center of attention?
Then you can purchase backgrounds or web banners ***. Unlike web sites, which are stuffed with dozens of pop-up banners that do not give the desired effect due to the huge number, my site has only 2 slots for web banners. So your web banner will always be in a prominent place. Your web banner will not be lost in the shadow. No need to share the spotlight!

List of offers
  • Background (branding): 1920×1080 on the all blog pages. Cost: $300 per month. 1 slot is available. Terms: Top workspace of 195 pixels. The background gives the maximum result, it is impossible not to notice.
  • Web banner in the header size 728×90, on the all blog pages. Cost: $150 per month. 2 slots is available.
  • Web banner in the right sidebar 300×250 (under the search bar) on the all blog pages, without animation. It “sticks” when scrolling through the page. Cost: $150 per month. 2 slots is available.
  • Stick the top. If your program review is on my blog, it can be stick, so the review will always be higher than other articles on the main page. Cost: $200 per month. 1 slot is available.

Here are the discounts, if you pay for two or more months at once (for two months is a 10% discount, for three – 15%, for six – 30%, for nine – 45%, and for the year – 60%).

The cost and number of slots in the rotation may vary.

*** If the program stops paying investors (scam), I remove web banners and backgrounds without refund.

Enrollment and contacts

Over a month, my blog has about 10,000 unique visitors; you can see daily statistics on the footer. No cheating, because most people come from search engines, and about 30% are direct visits from bookmarks. I also publish information about the article or program publication on the Telegram channel and by e-mail sharing.

Contact me for publication in any way that convenient for you. Here are the all contacts on this page. Beware of cloned fraudulent websites!

My wallets

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